Choreographers Jeremy Nelson and Luis Lara Malvacías have begun creating 6 duets entitled A B C D E F as part of their newest collaboration project, From A to Z. Their collaboration is an explorative production of choreography that is intertwined with process and instant performance. The project is additionally an intriguing avenue of exploration and investigation for these long-term collaborators and lovers, delving into the nuance of onstage connections and communication. Following a strict conceptual frame, the project will practice the manipulation of images and concepts onsite to produce instant movement and the unraveling of choreography full of content and related to specific thoughts. It is this starting point that provides the framework of From A to Z, incorporating signposts and issues connected with life and aging.

The research for From A to Z has been influenced by Deleuze and Guattari’s concepts of “assemblages” and “becoming”, in which imitation and analogy are removed to find a new way of being. Another inspiration comes from Oliver Sacks’ article “ The Joy of Old Life” (Not Kidding), where he noted: “I often feel that life is about to begin, only to realize that it is almost over.”

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