• "B" and "E" in Barcelona

    Photo: Ivo Bol
  • "B" and "E" in Barcelona

    Photo: Ivo Bol
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A Workshop through M.A.P Mudances
LA CALDERA Eugeni D’ors 12, Barcelona
December 27-30 2016
10:00am to 2:00pm
Price: 200 €

The classes are influenced by Nelson’s 25 years of continuing study in the work of Barbara Mahler and Susan Klein, and more recent years of studies in Alexander Technique®, Bodymind Centering® and Feldenkreis Method.

The focus of the class is to integrate this investigation and alignment work into movement. We will focus mostly on our skeletal structure and its connections, allowing more mobility and suppleness in the superficial muscles and more efficient use of the floor. The intention is for each student to experience and develop the awareness of their own body and recognize its individuality. We will incorporate a variety of approaches including hands-on work in partners that help deepen our awareness and give us the opportunity to really experience some of these ideas in a physical way. We will then take our work into simple movements and exercises, improvisation and improvisational scores, and feed it also into some set phrase work.