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2. to 6. July 2018

Everyday from 10:00 to 13:00

Holzmarktstrasse 33
10243 Berlin

200 Euro for the whole week.

Please write a mail with your CV to Emilie Guérin:

The workshop explores the relationship of the body thinking, the body processing, the body making, and the body performing. Does curiosity and examination of our own process produce knowledge? Using simple exercises, hands on work and improvisational scores we will approach our bodies as places of inquiry where we can examine our movement patterns and interests and open ourselves to the possibility of change. This physical research will be inspired and influenced by several somatic techniques.

On the weekend following the workshop, Jeremy & Luis will present their
new piece “F” & “G”.
7th & 8th of July // 18:00 // Studio A
More info here

The participants of the workshop will get reduced price tickets.
But if you cannot be part of the workshop and want to see the shows, you can already buy your tickets online or at the box office of Radialsystem