Workshop with Jeremy Nelson & Luis Lara Malvacias in Amsterdam

June 27-30, 2016
Address: Eerste Helmerstraat 102 1054 DS Amsterdam
Organized by Ivo Bol

More information:

The workshop is based in our many years of practice and personal process as creators and performers. It offers an open space for the sharing of this knowledge and of our understanding of several somatic techniques that have helped us to be better-informed movers and performers. The classes are influenced by our study of Klein-Mahler technique, Alexander Technique™, BodyMind-Centering® and more recently the Feldenkrais Method.

The first part will involve a warm-up focused on our skeletal structure and in accessing the deep supporting muscles of the body. We focus on the breath, internal structure, weight and the body’s articulations and organization. At the end of this session a collective phrase will be created as a way to apply this knowledge. We will incorporate a variety of approaches including some improvisation and hands-on work in partners.

The second part will involve the awakening of our awareness of the intrinsic relationship existing between artistic creation and our observations of, and reactions to, everyday events and our surroundings. We will use the concept of Everyday Events: the practice of making, the practice of sharing. We will work inside and outside the studio, including sections of “walking” outside the studio to collect material. We will find ourselves an audience to show the daily results of our explorations.